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  • Infographic: Google facts and figures

    Google is massive, let’s face it. Soon they’ll be running the number 10 bus through your village and sponsoring the local school sports day but the question is ‘How big is Google?’. Pingdom have answered this by creating this massive infographic on Google’s facts and figures. Infographic copyright Pingdom.

  • Introducing iBap for iPad: Jeans with a big ass pocket

    The boys and girls over at have created a concept pair of jeans with a big ass pocket at the back designed to hold your iPad. iGotaBigAssPocket Concept At this time it’s simply a concept with an amusing message, focusing on a product created by a company whom we respect to the utmost. We… Read more »

  • FREE WordPress Portfolio theme giveaway!

    Designers rejoice and huddle together for the unveiling of our latest addition to the Floating Frog family. We’re extremely proud and excited to announce the arrival of, a new website dedicated to providing all a creative needs to create their online portfolio. will primarily be focusing on creating professional looking Portfolio WordPress Themes… Read more »

  • Quix – Your New Plugin Replacement?

    Whether you’re an SEO, a developer, or just a bit of a geek, you’ve probably accumulated half a dozen firefox plugins over the years that slowed your browser down to a crawl. If like me you switched to Chrome, you’ve replaced some of these plugins with a pile of bookmarks instead – the browser stays… Read more »

  • Apple iPad vs Amazon Kindle

    Amazon has release a Kindle iPhone app that allows users to read their Kindle books on their hand held device. The app is free to download from the Apple app store and connects iPhone and iPod users with over 400,000 Kindle books. Now with the announcement of the new Apple iPad, launching later in the… Read more »

  • Instant Blueprint – Create a website framework in seconds!

    Instant Blueprint allows you to quickly create a web project framework with valid HTML/XHTML and CSS in only a matter of seconds, allowing you to get your project up and running faster! If you’re after saving time by setting up the generic website framework of your next project then this could save you time. Personally… Read more »

  • WordPress Portfolio Themes: Coming Soon

    A new dawn for The Floating Frog I thought I’d take this opportunity to announce the pending arrival of some WordPress themes I’ve been working on. Over the coming days, weeks, months, The Floating Frog will be shifting dramatically from it’s current position, from a leading UK based digital design blog to a portal where… Read more »

  • Historical Browser Statistics: Visualised

    Viewing historical browser market share statistics the old fashioned way is a pretty dull task. There’s nothing less inspiring than sitting staring at a table of data that visually tells you nothing. On the flip side we all like a good pie chart right? All those colourful segments that kind of look like a Terry’s… Read more »

  • Grid Overlays to assist your website development

    I’m a web designer by day and a web designer by night, I pretty much live and breath the web. I use many tools to assist me in my workflow, tools that both assist me in maintaining quality in my work and also in saving time, time I’d much rather spend catching up on the… Read more »

  • CSS Inheritance: Slideshare Presentation

    CSS Inheritance is pretty easy to understand but can take years to master. First you have the document tree to fathom, then you throw in the multiple value types, the selector groups and their individual behaviours and then it all becomes a little more complicated. You have Ancestors, Descendants, Parents, Children, Siblings and the family… Read more »

  • A Decade in Design: 2000 to 2009

    In just a matter of days our glasses will be full of cheap Brut Cava, the countdown to midnight will begin and we’ll drunkenly sing along to Old Lang Syne as we welcome in a new year, a new decade and the start of 2010. Looking back 10 years I regale my girlfriend to where… Read more »

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with best wishes from The Floating Frog

  • Is Facebook getting a redesign?

    According to Mashable, Facebook is getting a redesign. After looking at the screenshots, shown below, it’s seems to be quite a substantial tweak to the architecture. Personally I find Facebooks current design hard to navigate and lacks basic usability. These new visuals show an appreciation for the less IT savvy facebooker. Search seems to be… Read more »

  • Infographic: The 20 Largest Bankruptcies in History

    This year General Motors (GM) began the fourth largest bankruptcy proceedings in history, joining the many other large and venerable companies that have sunk to the bottom during this economic crisis. In fact, eight of the 20 largest bankruptcies have happened during the last two years of crisis. This infographic from Good illustrates visually the… Read more »

  • What is the difference between a Font and a Typeface?

    Aren’t they the same thing? After being shot down by an over enthusiastic designer for calling a typeface a font to a client over the phone this particular developer would now disagree. You see to Joe Bloggs A type and a Font are the same thing, to a developer it’s like saying a Gerbil and… Read more »