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  • Quick Photoshop Tip: Save Space By Turning Layers Off

    Photoshop files (PSDs) can be huge in file size, especially if you are working on a large format high resolution file. Here’s a quick tip that can save you valuable HD space, anywhere between 10% – 90%, simply by turning off layer previews when you save. Before you save It’s best to organise your layers… Read more »

  • The Internet is bigger than the entire Universe…almost!

    The internet is big, as as this illustration proves, it’s growing faster than the Solar System. It’s amazing when you put all these figures down in one place, it makes you feel quite inadequate in comparison. 210 billion daily emails is staggering, if I just try a little harder I’m sure I’ll be able to… Read more »

  • Celebrity Caricature Prints and Books make great gifts

    Peter from dropped us an email to ask if we can help publicise their range of celebrity caricature books and prints in time for Christmas. Normally we ignore these types of marketing emails but Peters request stood out when he explained it was an initiative that supported Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Personally I have never… Read more »

  • Free Secret Santa Random Name Generator

    Christmas isn’t far away now, 38 days to be precise, and if you’re even a little bit festive there’s a chance your place of work may do a Secret Santa. It’s a fun way of buying a colleague a Christmas present without them knowing who sent it. It’s also fair because everyone normally has a… Read more »

  • Design by committee: A designers worst nightmare!

    Design by committee is a coined phrase to describe a collaborative approach to designing and, as I experience way to much, is bound to produce suboptimal results. Best described by the maxim “A camel looks like a horse that was planned by a committee”, I firmly believe this approach is severly handicapped. To illustrate it… Read more »

  • Latest Internet Stats Roundup: Technology

    Did you know 95.1% of users connected to the Internet in the UK are on broadband connections, according to Here’s a quick roundup of some other interesting technology based statistics. Latest Internet Stats Roundup: Technology 93% of enterprises (10+ employees) in the UK have Internet access. Eurostat ‘ICT Usage by Enterprises 2008’, ICT Statistics,… Read more »

  • 13 reasons why your online store will fail + Solutions

    This set of points is designed to help you critique a design, specifically for ecommerce websites, to make them perform at their optimum, to help with usability and inevitably increase sales and conversions. Each point may or may not be relevant to the design you are working on so use them purely as a guide… Read more »

  • Free Icon Sets For Websites and Applications

    Free icon sets – Need some free icons? Looking for those detailed 16×16 Silk icons from FamFamFam or the impressive Tango collection? Then look no further, below is a plethora of links to free icon sets. Each free icon set has it’s own license attributed to it so please read it carefully before using them…. Read more »

  • Apple Launch New 27″ iMac Range

    Being an Apple fan boy and owning pretty much everything Apple branded, it came as a shock when I read on TechRadar that Apple have released their new range of iMac computers, with the largest being an incredible 27″ beast! I was so excited I bought one within 20 minutes of hearing about it. The… Read more »

  • Google Chrome Web Browser Market Share increases 285% in 12 months

    According to Net Applications and their Top Browser Share Trends, Googles Chrome browser has increased it’s global browser market share to over 3%, a 285% increase in just a year. Comparing Chrome with Apples Safari browser there’s not alot between them with Safari currently holding just above 4% of the global web browser market. Still… Read more »

  • The W3C evolves and a new site is born

    Great so it seems (World Wide Web Consortium or W3C) have finally redesigned their website. Now for those that have never heard of the W3C they are basically an international community that work together to sustain and develop web standards. It’s fitting then that this redesign hasn’t deviated too far away from their old… Read more »

  • Hug a tree then buy the tee!

    Today is Blog Action Day 2009 and this years hot hot hot topic is Climate Change. Bloggers all over the world are talking about Climate Change in a joint effort the raise the profile of the issue all on one day, all for maximum exposure. The Floating Frog is proud to be part of this… Read more »

  • Free Images For Your Blog

    Today Crestock photo have released a WordPress plugin that they claim allows users to add images to their posts for free, all from the sidebar when creating a post. We haven’t tested the plugin so we’d love to hear your feedback if you install it. How does it work? The plugin uses Crestock’s existing search… Read more »


    Misspelt domain names is a very common occurance, a user speedily types in a domain name and quickly presses enter without realising they have misspelt the web address and have ended up on a bogus website. One of the most common misspellings of domain names is missing the ‘.’ between ‘WWW’ and the domain name…. Read more »

  • Top Site: FWAPhoto – A Photo a Day

    FWAPhoto is a dream photography gallery that showcases one photo a Day. The website has some truely inspirational images and has always been my first port of call when looking for fresh inspiration. FWAPhoto has also released an iphone application so you can now get your daily inspiration on your mobile, and even leave comments… Read more »