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  • MySQL column truncation vulnerability

    I saw an interesting article today pointing out a couple of overlooked vulnerabilities with data truncation in MySQL. It’s more of a bug in due to how you handle the event in application than in the database, but it’s a vulnerability none the less. MySQL won’t be the only affected RDBMS (I know, MySQL really… Read more »

  • Eat more fish!

    I was entertained on the way to work today. As I drove through Hull I saw “Colin’s fresh fish” van. His strapline, emblazened across his van was: “Eat more Fish” I just thought that this was amusing, and honest. I think that more companies should use that line. “Eat more McDonald’s”, “Buy more Fords” –… Read more »

  • Conservatives and Northerners

    I like reading the Fifteen Minutes of Oompah Blog. Today’s entry deriding the Conservative Party think tank’s completely bonkers view of the North’s prospects is particularly good.

  • Wednesday’s now my favourite day

    Wednesday is OpenStreetMap Mapnik render day. Here’s what I was busy with this weekend mapping Withernsea. There’s more to do, and a few bits to correct, but the detail that you see on that link is all mine. Yay!

  • A very excited geek

    Morning all, I’m very very excited, just had to write a quick post. Today was my first attempt at gathering a serious amount of GPS trace data. The cat woke me up at 05:20 which was what I had hoped. I got up, fed him, ate some bran flakes (rather than porridge as it’s faster… Read more »

  • NaviGPS BGT-11

    I got my NaviGPS BGT-11 in the post last week – yay! To get it talking to Ubuntu I used this nifty perl script. And I could download all the manuals and things from the Locosys website. Hurrah!

  • gnome-terminal locale encoding

    Had a problem last week where my editor was defaulting to using UTF-8 whereas the files i was editing were ISO-8859-1. This ISO character set allows for extra single-byte characters beyond those in standard ASCII – including 163 (0xA3), the simple UK ‘£’ sign. This is nonsense in UTF-8, but my editor cheerfully didn’t inform… Read more »

  • Bazaar VCS

    This is a quick related to my employer and day-job, Ebuyer. They started using Subversion (SVN) for version control many moons ago, quickly found that it was lacking when it came to merging support. They then used SVK, or at least they did until today. SVK is built on SVN but has better support for… Read more »

  • Freecycle

    To follow on from my previous post about OpenStreetMap I have on the hunt for a digital camera. The idea being that I take snaps with the camera of street signs, post boxes, churches and other landmarks then marry the timestamps up with those from the tracer when I get back home so that I… Read more »

  • Open Streetmap

    A guy I know up at Ryedale LUG has got me interested in the OpenStreetMap project. The point of the project is to create a free, editable map of the the world. Someone I was telling about this asked last night what the point was when he can get maps through his TomTom. Well the… Read more »

  • S01E10 – Easy Come, Easy Go | Ubuntu UK Podcast

    Go listen to the latest Ubuntu UK podcast and be in with a (realistic!) chance of winning one of these babies. Seriously, go do it – just listen, enter the easy quiz question to their email address and wait to see if you win. No catches, no nuffink. S01E10 – Easy Come, Easy Go |… Read more »

  • What I learned today

    I found out two things today. The XSD for this XML: <someElement anAttribute=”aValue”>someValue</someElement> goes a little something like this: <xs:element name=”someElement” type=”some-element-def” minOccurs=”1″ maxOccurs=”1″ /> … <xs:complexType name=”some-element-def”> <xs:simpleContent> <xs:extension base=”xs:integer”> <xs:attribute name=”someAttribute” type=”xs:boolean” use=”optional” /> </xs:extension> </xs:simpleContent> </xs:complexType> To get bzr 1.5 running on Ubuntu Hardy Heron add a couple of entries to /etc/apt/sources.list… Read more »

  • All about Linux: 10 Seconds Guide to Bash Shell Scripting

    This is a useful guide for beginners to Bash shell scripting: All about Linux: 10 Seconds Guide to Bash Shell Scripting.

  • Radiohead gig in Manchester

    Again, a bit late in the day this one, but on 29th June I went with my girlfriend to see Radiohead play live in Manchester. They played at Lancashire County Cricket Club‘s ground. The place was really easy to get to – though we ended up paying £10 for ‘event parking’ in some car park… Read more »

  • Integrating with Protx

    A few months ago a requirement came up in the Land Rover Project to move from Paypal Website Payments Pro (UK) to using Protx. Both of these systems enable you to take online payments directly from customers’ credit cards, but what’s the difference? Well Paypal was a great early choice for us. L. R. Series… Read more »