• CVC Digital Marketing Services

    CVC Digital Marketing Services

    Recently I created a new brand identity and one-page website for a local digital marketing specialist based in Harrogate, called CVC Digital Marketing Services. Having worked with Carly in my early career, and having the fortune of being her ‘other half’, I can personally and professionally endorse Carly for the high levels of service and… Read more »

  • luna-eclipse-the-floating-frog

    My Lunar Eclipse Experience

    It’s 3am and the big event is in full swing. By 3:40am, it’s pretty hard to see the moon as it hides behind the shadow of the Earth. Come 3:50am, I think I’m done and head inside to bed. The big event, for me at least, was over. The blood-red eclipse wasn’t too impressive to… Read more »

  • NDA’s – I’d say 90% of the work I complete is locked and hidden behind one. Boo!

    — The Floating Frog (Gary Hartley)
  • theholidaylet

    The Holiday Let gets a summer refresh

    During my agency days I worked on a great project called TheHolidayLet.com with another freelance chum of mine. They’re basically an independent holiday lettings website with over 5,000 private holiday lettings worldwide. On the website you can search for lettings, enquire and book direct with the lettings owner. The business has developed, and time has… Read more »

  • Stamp Duty

    Stamp Duty Overhaul in #AutumnStatement and How it May Affect You

    Today the chancellor George Osbourne announced his political #autumnstatement in front of a raucous crowd in the House of Commons. Being a home owner, and actively looking at buying a home at the moment, I was interested to hear if stamp duty was going to be part of the statement and if any kind of… Read more »

  • mobile-friendly-labels

    Google Confirms Mobile-Friendly Labels on Mobile Search Results

    If your website isn’t already optimised for mobile traffic then a new update to Google’s mobile SERPs may make you consider changing that quickly. From today, and over the next few weeks, Google will be globally rolling out Mobile-friendly labels that will show next to each result and show if the site is mobile friendly… Read more »

  • house

    My journey as a forced landlord and going self employed

    New house, new start Back in 2006 I bought my third house, after previously selling my previous two that I part owned with an ex partner. It was nicely positioned on the A64 and allowed me to commute to and from work in Harrogate. The journey, depending on traffic and any accidents (that were very… Read more »

  • oo000oo I have a new website. It’s been a long time coming but we’re there!

    — The Floating Frog
  • snipers

    How To Track User Website Activity In More Detail

    You have a website. It gets traffic. You get some conversions. But do you really know your customers and how they are engaging on your website? Understanding your audience is the first step in learning how to better market to them and engage with what makes them ‘tick’. If you’ve got a website that’s converting… Read more »

  • gravestone

    The Death Of The SEO Agency?

    For the last couple of years we’ve often heard the swirl of rumours surrounding the longevity of SEO, with many suggesting that SEO is dead. Let’s remember that SEO isn’t just about Google; if it was we could well say that the honeymoon period is over and we’d better get our credit cards ready if… Read more »

  • shoppingmall

    To Buy or Not to Buy: 5 Reasons for Moving Your Shop Online

    With the UK still trying to recover from the recession, the high street is taking time to claw back customers and continue successful trading. It comes as no surprise then that we find more businesses popping up online and moving their bricks and mortar stores into a purely targeted web space. However, with greater awareness… Read more »

  • cliffhanger

    How To Prevent A Drop In Rankings After A New Site Launch

    It’s a concern to all webmasters when launching a new site – what if it affects my SEO work thus far? There are some things you should be aware of before you launch a new site, so here’s a few ways you can prevent a drop in rankings after a new site launch. 301s If… Read more »

  • apollo13

    Pre Site Launch and Post Site Launch SEO Checklist

    There’s a lot to think about when putting a new site live. For developers, it’s easy to become so absorbed in it that the little things can get overlooked and certainly from an SEO perspective then its important these elements are taken into account. So we’ve put together this handy pre site launch and post… Read more »

  • minions

    Why Onsite SEO Benefits Website Usability

    As you will know, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a technique used to improve rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Google itself tell us that for a website to improve its rankings, it needs to include various elements on each web page so that it can understand what that website is about and rank… Read more »

  • batsignals

    5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Business on Google

    Google is the leading search engine, with a comfortable 90.73% UK market share on Google.co.uk and Google.com as of June 2012. It’s the first destination for users as they decide what they want to buy, who they want to buy from and what price they’re willing to pay. So if you’re not on Google, where… Read more »