28th May

Top 20 Websites and Search Engines in the UK

According to Hitwise, here are the top websites and search engines ranked by visits ending 23/05/2009. These stats are based on the UK internet users only, not worldwide.

Top 20 Websites

The following report shows websites for the industry ‘All Categories’, …

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26th May

British Isles shaped cloud

In this striking picture, a formation can clearly be seen in the shape of what looks like Britain and Ireland drifting over the English countryside. This picture was taken by Jessica Wild and featured on www.dailymail.co.uk….

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18th May


Airing in the UK next Monday (9pm, Sky 1, 25th May), the two hour season finale of 24 is going to be a blinder with these photo teasers wetting the appetite of every die-hard 24 fan, including myself… enjoy!…

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14th May

Big Tech Buyouts: How 10 Internet Startups cashed in Big

This is a special snippet post summarising the Big Tech Buyouts article from BusinessWeek, by Douglas MacMillan. All images copyright of BusinessWeek.

Silicon Valley angel investor Jeff Clavier “It’s a good time to be an investor because there are tons of …

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7th May

More than one H1 on a page: good or bad?

Matt Cutts released a YouTube video talking about having multiple H1′s on a page, quoting “… it’s not so bad to have multiple H1′s”. Semantically best practice is to use just one H1 on any page so this video has …

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1st May

Search Engine for Geeks: www.asciijeeves.com

Asciijeeves.com is a geeky mix of Ask Jeeves branding and the power of Google search. The logo and figure on the website is made up entirely …

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28th Apr

Football Rich List 2009

I’m not a big football fan but I do like to watch …

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26th Apr

Vodafone Launching next Google Android handset on 5th May

The 2nd Google Android handset, the HTC Magic, is out on 5th May exclusive to Vodafone so say the Telegraph.

I was in a store at the weekend and they said 16th May, but either way it’s coming …

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26th Apr

The Power of Personal

Why do consumers buy into niche brands? Is it because they can’t get the product anywhere else? Is it the cost – usually higher than the high street – that makes it feel exclusive? Or is it the personal touch? …

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23rd Apr

Definitions of Typography Terms in Word

According to Microsoft, this diagram illustrates perfectly positions of some of the typography terms in Word.

To the trained eye with someone with a degree in …

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22nd Apr

St. George’s Day 2009

St George’s Day is a time to celebrate the patron saint of England and syphilis, who survived almost as many murder attempts as Rasputin. Here’s the Guardians guide to the best sites …

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21st Apr


Do you remember Ling off Dragons Den? The Crazy Japanese Chinese girl who used a rocket to advertise her online car leasing website? Well I just stumbled across her website and being a web designer almost spat out the …

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21st Apr

The CSS Bible – CSS is your God!

Here you go, a stellar assortment of CSS related links for you to reference. If you’re a CSS beginner or even a CSS guru we’re sure there is something here for everyone, enjoy!

The CSS Box Model…

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13th Apr

Comparethemarket.com doesn’t like apostrophes

I’m really cross.

It’s car insurance renewal time. I had done the usual rounds at confused.com (which has improved recently) and decided to give comparethemarket.com a whirl.

Confused always used to irritate me and leave me thinking “it could be so much …

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9th Apr

Smeg! Red Dwarf splashes back to earth after 20 glorious years

Red Dwarf is a science fiction comedy centered around Lister, the only surviving human on board Red Dwarf, Kryten, a robot, Rimmer, a hologram, and Cat – a cat. Red Dwarf is a half-hour science-fiction sit-com that was first …

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