3rd Feb

Your CSS framework needs you!

What’s a CSS framework?
A CSS framework can help you achieve rapid development of websites, web apps and mashups. It eliminates repetitive tasks while prototyping designs by using …

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31st Jan


Archive44.com is a fun little project I decided to do on the spur of the moment. It’s basically an archive of over 900 front pages of newspapers from all over the world on the day Barack Obama, the …

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28th Jan

Amiga users out do Vista users 13-1

While looking up OS, resolution and browers stats for January 2009 on TheCounter.com I can across some statistics that made froth at the g**h. Vista is no doubt a flop for Microsoft, it looks great but that’s just about where …

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26th Jan

New Photoshop Interface Revealed

Adobe revealed their new ‘traditionally themed’ Photoshop interface this week at their annual AdobeExpo. The drastic redesign has come after months of highly publicised campaigning by angry Anti-Adobe protesters who state that their …

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22nd Jan

Local paper makes it amongst global elite on Auguration Day 2009

While I was flicking through the Front page archive on Newseum.org on Auguration day 2009 I was surprised to see an entry from my hometown’s local paper ‘The Scarborough Evening News.’ Only 6 Papers in total were featured …

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18th Jan

VISA and Mastercard Scam – Beware

This one is pretty slick since they provide YOU with all the information, except the one piece they want.Note, the callers do not ask for your card number; they already have it. ┬áThis information is worth reading. ┬áBy understanding how …

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16th Jan

Are you a ‘yes man’?

With the launch of the new Jim Carrey film Yes Man I thought I’d cast a thought on the effects that having a ‘yes’ mentality has on your career, and potentially your private life….

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9th Jan

What does rising netbook popularity mean for web designers?

Econsultancy released an article on netbooks, their ever growing popularity and what they could spell for the future for web design. The stats were incredible and highlights why we should start to consider them when building new websites. Read …

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6th Jan

The New Mac Wheel


Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

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5th Jan

CSS NEWS – A quick catchup

Some CSS news from the web design industry. I have cherry-picked these articles and tools, aimed specifically at CSS and web design. Enjoy!

My Top 10 Most Used CSS Class Names

Many developers are puzzled when it comes to assigning class …

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23rd Dec

TwitterFox – Twitter Plugin for Firefox

For those people who have been on Planet HD 189733 b for the past two years and have never heard of a website called Twitter then this post may pass you by…

Twitterfox is a very useful …

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22nd Dec

Must attend SEO conferences for 2009 – including Think Visibility

If you’re in the web industry game and you’re looking at conferences to attend next year I recommend these SEO related events below. SEO is uncharted territory for many IT professionals, including myself, so here’s the …

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11th Dec

WordPress 2.7 released

Download 2.7 now >

This version of WordPress (2.7) has been eagerly awaited for some months now. The Beta version of the blogging software has been available for a couple of months, allowing users to install and bug …

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7th Dec

News: StumbleUpon gets a New Look makeover

In case you haven’t noticed, at the top left there is a new line ..

Try the new StumbleUpon. Learn more about the new features

Copy/Paste from This Page: …

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4th Dec

Frog of the Antarctic

See the dedication Frog has to his job and his clients after he abandoned his car 2 miles away from work and battled through 6 inches of snow in a gale for 30 minutes to get to work.

Hmm snow! Best …

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