28th Nov

Top 20 GEEK gifts for Christmas

Here are 20 must own gifts and gadgets for all geeks to wish for this Christmas. I’ve got the Ariel Atom on my list as it’s friggin awesome, maybe asking for too much though!

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23rd Nov

It’s snow joke!

WOW what a weekend! I traveled through to Scarborough to see my little girl as usual this weekend and was ecstatic to be greeted by 6 inches of snow to play in. Weirdly on the way I didn’t see a …

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19th Nov

Selling your home privately – FROG ventures into the property market!

A few months ago I got approached by a contact of mine to see if I was interested in getting involved in a project they were starting. After a very productive meeting, …

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7th Nov

Name the previous 43 U.S. PRESIDENTS before Barack Obama – then colour them in!

In this historic week which saw the first black candidate, Barack Obama, become elected as U.S. President, we look back at the previous 43 that have held the Whitehouse. To make …

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31st Oct

The Global Credit Crunch – it’s not all bad news

Ok so the Credit Crunch will throw the financial sector into turmoil for the next few years but lets look at some positives that have come out of this.

I’ll start things of:…

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21st Oct

Starting out in RAW – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 – First thoughts

Like myself, many amateur photographers start out in photography by shooting in JPEG file format as apposed to RAW. The issue with shooting in JPEG is that …

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18th Oct

I’m a busy squid

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, things are a bit hectic.

I have two draft articles that I haven’t gotten around to tidying up yet – one reviewing my online selling experience with Gumtree, Craigslist, Stuff4Sale and …

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15th Oct

A beautiful smile under a beard of pain and poverty

This is Manea
Manea’s dream is to go back to Romania and find his mother. He smiles inside his beard, looking upward.

Manea is currently homeless and thinks his mother may be dead, or worse, she …

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10th Oct

9xb brand awareness photo shoot – a behind the scenes look

This week at work was quite exciting with a brand awareness campaign spear-headed by a photo shoot outside our offices. A large 4m squared sign of our logo, in 16 seperate pieces was created prior to the shoot by our …

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7th Oct

A List Apart – 10 years on

A List Apart, the original online magazine targeting ‘people who make websites’, is 10 years old. Jeffrey Zeldman, co-founder of A List Apart, has written an …

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4th Oct

Jessica Alba silenced

Jessica Alba, wearing only a Hannibal Lecter-type mask called “The Muzzler” and appearing to be crying, is starring in an American political …

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26th Sep

Dyson Airblade™ – this hand dryer beats the life out of traditional, inefficient hand dryers

Dyson do hoovers right? Yeah but guess what, now they do hand dryers… AWESOME hand dryers too.

I recently completed a training course for work on First Aid training at HACs in Harrogate and stumbled across an interesting machine attached to …

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25th Sep

First look at the UK’s new ID cards

Not surprisingly these designs follow in the same suit as the UK passport and driving license designs.

Example front

Example back

Quick facts

Each card will carry a picture and a chip holding the person’s name and date of birth, …

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25th Sep

The design for the new identity card will be unveiled today

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has revealed the design for the new identity card will be unveiled today. Each card will carry a picture and a chip holding the person’s name and date of birth, fingerprint …

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24th Sep

Shopping online – returns policies

I ordered my Garmin Forerunner 405 from work today.

Having shopped around endlessly for the last few weeks I narrowed it down to a toss up between Amazon and the possibility of cashback; or, as luck would have it, …

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