17th Apr

Educate your clients about their budget

As a freelance web designer, I’m often engaged in conversations with clients that surround requirement gathering. The first thing I always ask before starting this conversation is “What is your budget?”

Now I’ve heard it said that some clients feel you’re asking this question so any price estimates will be increased to meet their maximum allowance. However, this is very rarely possible in any situation I have ever been in. I often find the client doesn’t have nearly the budget available to meet every demand they have, and have never ever been in a position where I could happily meet the clients demands for less than their maximum allowance.

Finding out their budget, as soon as possible, is vital for me to not only decide if I can provide a solution, they would be happy with that can be within budget, but also to allow me to manage their requirements and expectations to fit in-line with their finances.

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6th Mar

MacHeist Beauty

If you haven’t heard of MacHeist before, let me tell you a little bit about them. MacHeist create amazing bundles of the very best mac based indie software and sells them at amazingly discounted rates. For example, the current MacHeist, nanoBundle2 is selling $260 worth of apps for only $19.95. Not only do they give mac users a great deal but they also donate 25% of the profits to various charities. While I really love the idea behind MacHeist, it’s not that I want to talk about today, it is the amazing website that they have designed that really caught my eye.

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14th Oct

Design concepts explained: Affordance

The design concepts explained series aims to explain ideas behind design. This week we focus on the concept of affordance and its use in graphic and UI design.

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6th Jul

5 Second Usability Test

Calling all web designers, you may be interested in this cool little tool we discovered that lets you test the usability of your brand spanking new website. So before you start slicing and dicing, stop! Like Grolsch Lager, “it is …

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12th Mar

Mozilla.org Redesign Phase 1

Mozilla.org, the non-profit organization who own the popular Firefox browser, are in the middle of a website redesign and have asked the Mozilla community for feedback on the first round of designs.

Happy Cog is working with Mozilla …

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10th Feb

Bethemiddleman.com update

Bethemiddleman.com is a project we’re currently working on to provide the housing market a FREE option when selling …

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3rd Feb

Your CSS framework needs you!

What’s a CSS framework?
A CSS framework can help you achieve rapid development of websites, web apps and mashups. It eliminates repetitive tasks while prototyping designs by using …

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31st Jan


Archive44.com is a fun little project I decided to do on the spur of the moment. It’s basically an archive of over 900 front pages of newspapers from all over the world on the day Barack Obama, the …

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9th Jan

What does rising netbook popularity mean for web designers?

Econsultancy released an article on netbooks, their ever growing popularity and what they could spell for the future for web design. The stats were incredible and highlights why we should start to consider them when building new websites. Read …

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8th Jan

Frog gives piggy yet another outfit for her blog

Piggynap.com is the blog of my girlfriend Zoe who works in online marketing and SEO. A few months ago I set her up a quick WordPress blog to start blogging on, with a simple design and …

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5th Jan

CSS NEWS – A quick catchup

Some CSS news from the web design industry. I have cherry-picked these articles and tools, aimed specifically at CSS and web design. Enjoy!

My Top 10 Most Used CSS Class Names

Many developers are puzzled when it comes to assigning class …

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29th Dec

FREE Font Management for MAC & PC – Linotype FontExplorer® X

Want a powerful font management application that works on both Mac and PC? An app that allows you to manage, store, shop and discover new fonts? A font management app that’s FREE? Then Linotype FontExplorer® X is for you! …

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26th Dec

Yahoo! Site Explorer – a quick guide for beginners

Yahoo! launched this FREE website tool a little over 3 years ago in September 2005, enabling webmasters to explore their own website with data they may have never had access to before. Yahoo! Site Explorer provides information …

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22nd Dec

Must attend SEO conferences for 2009 – including Think Visibility

If you’re in the web industry game and you’re looking at conferences to attend next year I recommend these SEO related events below. SEO is uncharted territory for many IT professionals, including myself, so here’s the …

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10th Dec

Website Life Cycle

The process by which a successful website lives looks something like this:

The cycle consists of analysis, updating and promotion. If any component if missing, your business will not …

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