30th Jul

WordPress Theme Opinions Needed

WordPress is without doubt a powerful blogging platform and more recently it’s being used more commonly as a Content Management System. Amongst some of the big brands using WordPress include Sony, Ford, Wall Street Journal, Samsung, Playstation and a whole heap of others.

Currently there is an abundance of WordPress Blog Themes to choose from and setting up your own blog can be achieved in a lunch hour. What there isn’t a abundance of are WordPress Themes targeted at businesses who want more than just a blog. Even those themes that are never seem to tick all the boxes on what a business really need, so this is what I need some feedback on. I’m planning on creating some nice, simple themes targeted at SME’s to get them online with the features and control they need.

What do you want?


  • Business WordPress Theme
  • Personal WordPress Theme
  • Government WordPress Theme
  • Kids WordPress Theme
  • Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme
  • Blog WordPress Theme
  • E-Commerce
  • Photography WordPress Theme


  • Dark Background WordPress Theme
  • Light Background WordPress Theme


Would you pay a small fee? Would you rather it was FREE?

Please Give Your Feedback Below

Once I gage demand I’ll get cracking. Please leave your thoughts below with any links you think would be useful. Also any features or plugins you’d like to be incorporated.


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  • August 1, 2009 at 10:02 pm // Reply

    Not a lot of comments… ie 0 … but a few over Twitter and email. Portfolio and white label business websites seem most sort after…

  • August 16, 2009 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    I use wordpress for a blog on my self build. What I currently have is functional, but it’s very basic. When searching for templates, I often find them uninspiring or really creative but hard to navigate.

    From a non business perspective I would pay, but a small sum. I’d be happy to pay more for a library of templates, even though I’d probably only ever use one.

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