CSS for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS – shaping up with CSS

Learning CSS from the beginning

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. Web designers use a CSS file to control the visual layout of a web page, grouping all styling declarations into one reference document while removing them from the HTML code that lies beneath the website.

If you’re an absolute newcomer to the scary world of web design and wish to start learning things from scratch then this is the place to be. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting walk-through slideshows that explain CSS and XHTML visually, in an easy to digest format. This week it’s…

CSS help for absolute beginners

Shaping up with CSS

Credit: All copyright and materials Slideshare.net.


What’s covered in this slideshow presentation:

  • Block Level Elements
  • Inline Elements
  • Rules
  • Element Symmetry – opening and closing XHTML tags
  • Styling elements
  • Sizing defaults
  • Setting heights and widths
  • Units of measurement
  • Fixed Block-Level Sizing
  • Browser Behaviour
  • Other occurances
  • Overflow Hidden
  • Positioning Elements
  • Full CSS Layout
  • Layout options
  • Positioning Block-Level Elements
  • Easiest Positioning Method
  • Position:Absolute
  • Top, Right, Bottom, Left
  • Handy tips

Think you’re a CSS Guru?

Well I guess your too good for this, it’s like child’s play, right? Well have a look at this, 10 CSS shorthand techniques you’ll use everyday, it will be more up your street.

Gary Hartley

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