Google Earth spots 6 familiar faces

Google Earth has been used once again to uncover some pretty cool images, this time it’s familiar faces. Amongst these natural and man made familiarities include an iPod girl, the 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfey, Jesus Christ on sand dunes in Peru, a Haloween Pumpkin and the Short Circuit robot.

Google Earth spots 6 familiar faces

Google Earth Ipod Girl

A native Canadian with a headdress? Or do these hills in Alberta look more the iPod girl with earphones?

Google Earth Abraham Lincoln

A bearded man in a Polish field? But could it be the 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln without his hat?

Google Earth Short Circuit

Five alive? Nope, not this time. But the grounds of Versailles do look remarkably like the Short Circuit robot

Google Earth Oprah Winfrey

Her face is often on American TV screens, but could Oprah Winfey also feature on a maze in Arizona?

Google Earth Jesus

Could this be Jesus Christ?

Google Earth Pumpkin

Spookey! Is it a coincidence or has this Massachusetts field been ploughed into a Halloween pumpkin?

Full Credit

Google Earth

Which one do you like the best? Personally the man made Short Circuit picture is the best. The Abraham Lincoln comparison is a little dubious to us.

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