Google Wave described in 140 characters!

Google Wave is getting a lot of people excited, but if you’re anything like me and have no idea what it is or why it’s making so many people sweat in antipication of getting an invite to test it then look no further. We asked Twitter “Explain what Google Wave is in 140 characters”, we got the following replies:

Helpful descriptions of Google Wave in a nutshell

OP_biggerIt’s a communications (email + instant messaging) + social networking tool, with various commun. threads neatly compiled

By EamonSpotlight on Twitter

wabbit42_3_normalGoogle Wave is a rethinking of electronic communication, combining email, instant messaging, status updates & other collaboration features.

By Wabbit42 on Twitter

me_normalThink email crossed with instant messaging crossed with forums crossed with chat crossed with rich media… and more

By Aaronrussell on Twitter

twitter2_normalI think of wave as email meets IM meets twitter meets facebook wall, perhaps. Will be more obvious when it gets some use.

By Vextasy on Twitter

IMG_0179_normalFrom what I’ve gathered, it’s the ultimate collaboration tool. Hopefully I’ll be one of the lucky 100,000 testing it.

By Genericsteele on Twitter

Less helpful descriptions of Google Wave… 🙂

me_normal2Its like a mexican wave but online 😉

By Xobman on Twitter

tim12_normalGoogles new shiny toy that makes gmail look boring 😀 and all the cool kids want an invite and the uncool ones have them!

By Tnash on Twitter

me_biggerI don’t know 😉

By Savamaloy on Twitter

anonymous_normal140 characters? Now, that’s a challenge! Srsly, you should watch the video.

By Raph_ms on Twitter

“Roll the tape!”

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