Introducing iBap for iPad: Jeans with a big ass pocket

The boys and girls over at have created a concept pair of jeans with a big ass pocket at the back designed to hold your iPad.

iGotaBigAssPocket Concept

At this time it’s simply a concept with an amusing message, focusing on a product created by a company whom we respect to the utmost.

We currently have no plans to produce the iBap apparel line for any market. Our intention was to bring our idea to life and send a message about the future of mobile devices and their portability. We enjoy fashion with function, but can it go too far? What will unite our technology and couture as we
creep into the next generation of moibile devices? Just some questions we’ve asked ourselves, and now we ask you.

We hope you enjoy the concept, stay tuned for the newest addition to the bigasspocket… a bigasswallet! <3

On a semi serious note we think these jeans look awesome. It’s true that once you sit down you’ll break the iPad with your big old arse but at some point all great inventions needed to be revised, we just wonder what the iBap’s would be. Building on from the iBap, you could put these big ass pockets on anything big enough. An inside pocket in your jacket, pocket in your shirt or how about, crazy as it may sound, in a bag!

Gary Hartley

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