MacHeist Beauty

If you haven’t heard of MacHeist before, let me tell you a little bit about them. MacHeist create amazing bundles of the very best mac based indie software and sells them at amazingly discounted rates. For example, the current MacHeist, nanoBundle2 is selling $260 worth of apps for only $19.95. Not only do they give mac users a great deal but they also donate 25% of the profits to various charities. While I really love the idea behind MacHeist, it’s not that I want to talk about today, it is the amazing website that they have designed that really caught my eye.

MacHeist Serving Dishes

The first little detail that really made me smile on the site was the serving dish animation the apps are showcased on. The more advanced browsers (safari etc) are presented with 7 serving dishes, which have their lids lifted off (via a smooth CSS animation) leaving all of the apps included in the bundle in view. In firefox, the same occurs but without the animation, instead the lids just disappear. This is such a neat idea that put a smile on my face and instantly made me feel good about the site.

The next detail I really liked about the site is the inclusion of live sales figures. There are 2 apps that only become available after a certain amount of sales have been reached. When I first visited the site they had only sold 5,000 bundles, 45,000 less than the number needed to unlock the next ‘locked’ app. However, while I was on the site they sold nearly 100 hundred bundles, which gave me a good idea of when they might hit the 50,000 mark. This stats bar also informs the viewer how much money has been raised for charity and how long the bundle is going to be on sale for.

I had not heard of any of the apps that are on sale in this bundle so I wanted to find out more about them. Clicking on the apps causes the podiums that they rest on to raise and makes the selected podium glow a beautiful blue. The transition is so smooth and adds another touch of quality to the overall impression of the site.

Not only does the apps podium raise beautifully, there is also a seamless transition inside the content area. The current content fades out, replaced by the information about the app, which is beautifully presented. This technique means they can present a lot of information on one page making the whole experience flow very well.

MacHeist Buy Now

Finally, I want to talk about the ‘Buy Now’ button. The main aim of MacHeist is to sell their bundle, this means that, as with any e-commerce site they have to have a clear call-to-action. The designer of this site has done a great job of making their call-to-action instantly stand out, the user doesn’t have to think at all about where to go if the want to make a purchase. It’s been designed in a very vibrant green colour that stands out against the blue/purple colour scheme.

So there you have it, I urge you to check out the MacHeist site right now. It’s not only a beautifully designed site but the bundle they have on offer may very well be of interest to you.

Gary Hartley

Gary Hartley is The Floating Frog. A seasoned freelance web designer with skills in UI/UX, CRO design, WordPress, branding, PSD-HTML conversions and more. Got a project you need to start or take to the next level? Please, get in touch!