New Photoshop Interface Revealed

Adobe revealed their new ‘traditionally themed’ Photoshop interface this week at their annual AdobeExpo. The drastic redesign has come after months of highly publicised campaigning by angry Anti-Adobe protesters who state that their current interface is “harming our planet”, and “is turning our young generation into mindless web2.0 obsessed vombies”.

A spokesman from Adobe said “This new redesign will revolutionise the way we design in the future. The new sophisticated layout and intuitive panels will help modern designers leave the world of Web2.0 behind and thrust the web into a new place, a place where animated GIFs will live happily with PNG’s and Serif fonts.”

Bill Bates, leader of the Anti-Adobe interface movement said… “It’s about time! I’ve always been a fan of Adobe in the past but when their new interface was released in 2002 I knew this would cast dark shadows over the traditional design era. Web 2.0 on the web is a direct result of that interface so we knew it had to go!”

He continued…

“Next is Microsoft 8’s new interface, it just sucks, and if left to spread amongst our unprepared nation we’ll all turn into f***……” *Interview cut short.

Let us know your thoughts, can this new interface really eradicate Web 2.0 from the web? Can this new interface really improve the quality of designs. And most importantly, would you pay £1,250.00 for the luxury?

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Credit:Advertising Agency: Bates141
Creative Director: Hendra Lesmono
Art Directors: Irawandhani Kamarga, Andreas Junus
Copywriter: Darrick Subrata
Photographer: Anton Ismael
Published: August 2008

Gary Hartley

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