WhatCulture approached The Floating Frog to help them relaunch their already established website. High traffic levels and an ever increasing percentage of mobile based traffic forced the company to introduce a leaner code base and a mobile solution. Not having the skills in-house, WhatCulture turned to the team at The Floating Frog to advise them on the right mobile solution for their website and then handed over the reigns to the team.


The Scope

WhatCulture required a robust, yet lean mobile solution for their website. High traffic levels, running into the millions per month, meant the site had to be fast, with a light code base and a mobile solution that would meet their ever increasing percentage of mobile based traffic. A responsive solution was agreed from the outset as the best solution together with a complete rebuild of the website code base. The responsive frontend would then be handed over to the WhatCulture in-house development team who would integrate the templates into their CMS.


Responsive Web Design

WhatCulture has been redesigned and recoded from the ground up, adopting a mobile-first approach together with a lean responsive solution. Touch devices such as tablets and smartphones range from around 320px and 800px. Tablet devices can render standard desktop code with a zoom out effect so this was chosen as an ideal solution for WhatCulture in order to keep the code base as light as possible. Touch gestures were introduced to make the site function 100% on Tablet devices.

The main work was to design and code a mobile design for the site that would fit the screen sizes of all leading mobile devices. This design had to use the same code base as the main site with a responsive solution that would show a fluid design on screen sizes below 600px. Complete touch compatibility was introduced, together with mobile-specific menus, swipe compatible content blocks and infinite scroll.