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  • HDR Photography Competition – $500 in prizes up for grabs!

    We’re proud to announce we have partnered up with HDR Darkroom to bring you the chance of winning 1 of 5 pro copies of their fantastic HDR Darkroom software in our first ever photography competition. This photography competition is open to anybody interested in HDR photography or has a passion to start learning. The rules… Read more »

  • HDR Black & White experiments

    HDR (High Dynamic Range) over recent times has been very popular with photographers with most admitting to of dabbled in the technique at some point. It’s a technique that never fails to spark a debate with everyone having their own, extremely valid opinion. I have always sat of the fence with HDR and have never… Read more »

  • HDR poll – love it or hate it?

    HDR photography, people seem to either love it or hate it, a real Marmite subject. We’d love to get your opinion on HDR photography so please cast your vote in the opinion poll to the left. If you have never seen or heard of HDR before, please browse through these examples first.

  • Professional HDR at its best

    “Good photographs are not taken by a good camera but by a good photographer” It is incredible to think that Jeff has been at this hobby for less than a year, the quality and craftmanship he demonstrates belies his limited time at this game. Thankfully he caught the FLICKR bug and uploads his work there… Read more »

  • 20 HDR BEFORE and AFTER photographs you’ll love (to hate?)

    HDR can not be fully appreciated or understood without comparing the before and after photographs. This post shows 20 examples, some perfectly illustrating how HDR should be used, and others illustrating how badly a photo can look. All photographs, images and materials are copyright to their respective owners.

  • My first HDRi

    I’ve just got home from my travels and have taken lots of shots. I picked out a couple of the better ones to use for my first attempts at HDRi (High Dynamic Range imaging). The first is on a sunny day in London, the famous London Eye was casting a very arty shadow on a… Read more »